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Fish Pedicure in Kalyan

Fish Pedicure in Kalyan

Fish Pedicure in Kalyan

People always lure for one or the other attractive measures to pamper themselves. They love to blossom every part of their body. Females especially love to clean all their body parts with much more techniques and new procedures. The pedicure is the favorite beauty aid to their body as it is the relaxation time for time and, they can get their feet cleaner and more beautiful. The fish pedicure is the new trend in the market. We, Crystal Beauty Zone provides you the best quality services for the fish pedicure in Kalyan.

Fish Pedicure in Kalyan

The procedure of Fish Pedicure

In this procedure, the person has to dip his or her feet in the water full of fishes that are in hunt of dead skin cells. The invention of this fish pedicure came in to being with East Europe. Turkey and many other European countries started this and with a very good pace, it spread like fire throughout the world. You can find some of the best fish pedicure in Kalyan. Kalyan is lofted with the Crystal Beauty Zone that gives the best treatment for your abrupt skin of your feet. Apart, from this, they provide impeccable services to enhance your beauty and make you the adorable one.

Fish Pedicure

What is the fish pedicure treatment?

In every salon, we can find the facility of the fish pedicure. This treatment is carried with a special species of fish that are inhabited at projected places and under special conditions. The fish is basically named as the “Dr.Fish” by the people as it is inhabited with the certain healing properties of skin for humans. Earlier, it used to be a costly affair for anyone, and only rich people could afford regular visits for the fish pedicure in Kalyan while now it has become so common and cheaper as compared to earlier times that every other person visits the salon for this spa. Since it gives you mental relaxation, every person affords it for their mental satisfaction too.

Fish pedicure in Kalyan

How does fish pedicure work?

The fish pedicure basically includes different species of fishes, namely Garra Rufa fish, that are used for pedicures. These fishes are mostly found in Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. One can buy these fishes and get them imported safely to their destined locations. These fishes eat your dead skin cells and cover your feet with a special enzyme called dithranol, which is very good for the human skin. These enzymes also promote the growth of cells that help in the formation of new healthy skin. The biting of the fishes on your skin is a very tickling effect initially but later one gets used to it. Click here to read more about how does fish pedicure work.

How safe is fish pedicure in Kalyan?

The suction effect of the dead skin cells is a very effective and famous worldwide for its property of making the skin free of any kind of impurity. Apart from it, it also helps in the pro-blood circulation and makes you feel relaxed. The good circulation of blood in the body gives a loosen up effect on your body. This natural exfoliating and scrubbing of your skin are very healthy for the skin of the feet.

Fish pedicure in Kalyan

Benefits of Fish Pedicure

  • It is an organic method and does not involve any chemicals or creams in it so, there is no chance of side-effect to your skin.
  • It makes your feet look beautiful and cleaner making it ready for the nail artistry.
  • It is a kind of massage that stimulates the circulation of blood in your feet.
  • The most important factor is that it helps in reducing the effect of eczema and psoriasis.
  • The suction function helps in absorption of corns and bunions.
  • It makes you feel good and energetic with some moments of relaxation and chill
  • People appreciate it because it also lightens the scars on your feet to an extent.
  • The stress buster makes you laugh and giggle with its tickling sensation on your skin.
  • Well, you love to touch your skin over and again as it becomes so soft and smooth after this pedicure.

Click here to read more about the benefits of a fish pedicure.

How effective is Fish Pedicure

The setting up of spa units for this pedicure is not an easy thing. Special units are being installed, which involves the number of fishes. Special water purifiers are being installed for the filtration of water at regular intervals. Cleaning and maintenance of the fish ponds is a really important factor to be kept in mind as an unhygienic water pond can cause the growth of various bacteria, which can be harmful to our skin. While people are much aware of all these factors nowadays and set up the whole structure keeping in mind all these things.   

History of Fish Pedicure

The practice of this Garra Rufa fish pedicure came in to back 400 years back when Turkish people used this spa for getting a cleaner and smooth skin. Then, in the year 2006, this culture of fish pedicure popped up in various Asian countries as Malaysia, Spain, Japan, China, India and many more. The first fish spa was being set up offices in the US and then immediately after two years, another was set up in the UK and then it is spreading in every country of the world. Well, because of its inevitable benefits, people are availing it to the extreme.

How much does fish pedicure in Kalyan cost?

Well, this treatment is not only proven medically beneficial for the people but also it gives a natural beauty to the skin and makes it more appealing to the eyes. This biting never hurt you but makes you feel rejuvenated. So, without any second thought, visit the Crystal Beauty Zone and get the most appropriate treatment for your feet.

The Fish Pedicure in Kalyan cost is on Rs 99/- at crystal beauty zone.

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